Partnership Opportunities

If you are a marketing or technology professional, you can write for us. We invite guest writers to write for us. We believe that different perspectives from our guest writers will make our blog richer in content. You don’t need any previous writing experience to write for us. However, if you have written for other blogs or magazines before then it will be an added advantage.

Why write for us?

We have lots of visitors to our blog every month. Most of our visitors are marketing or technology professionals who want to learn about the latest trends and news about the industry. There are also visitors who are simply interested in strengthening their knowledge of marketing and technology.

You can get huge exposure as a writer by writing for us. It can also become a secondary source of income for you. You can redirect lots of visitors to your site as well. You will gain experience as a writer in this niche and will be able to learn a lot of things from our writing team.


You should maintain a certain standard of writing with us. We recommend that you read some of our articles before submitting yours. You should write an original article that is free from any plagiarism issue.

You should write in short paragraphs so that it’s easily readable. You should use an attractive heading and necessary sub-headings in your article. The article must be within 500 to 800 words.

We appreciate if you include relevant images with your article. You should write a short author bio and a link to your site. You can include one or two links from authority sites. Before submission, you should check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

You must send the article by email. We will review it and let you know whether it will be published or not. You can contact us for further inquiry.