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Foosball Skills to Improve Your Game

Whether it’s a family get together or just friends socializing, table football is a great game to enjoy together. It’s a game that can either be played indoors or outdoors. It can be enjoyed by both adults and kids without it being too competitive.

Table football might be considered by some people to be a fun gimmick or a game that is played just for entertainment. However, this is not the case as there are many players around the world that play foosball game in a very competitive nature. There are even tournaments where players compete for thousands of dollars. In this article, we will attempt to provide you with some information and tips about foosball in order to become king of the table and beat your mates.
Generally, there are about three simple rules that you need to follow if you want to to have success; positioning, control and finesse. Understanding these 3 skill areas will hopefully help you beat your opponents on a regular basis.

First of all, when it comes to foosball, a lot of people make the blunder of trying to hit the foosball ball as hard as possible, having no regard for finesse and direction. This is a very common mistake made by players, and if you want to see dramatic improvements in your gameplay, then just take your time and pick out the shots to take. If you want to aim your shots on goal, then you need to position the ball to either side of the striking player when shooting. Also, try to find and exploit gaps in your opponents’ defence line to increase your goal scoring chances.

The second skill to focus when playing table foosball is how to position your own players. This has a great importance especially on the defensive side of the game. Try to arrange your players to match your opponent’s player position. This will help you get good blocks in and allow you hit them on the counter-attack. Also, when defending, its important to always have control of the goalkeeper and midfield rather than the attacking players. This is to help you adjust swiftly and clear the ball away from you to your opposition’s defense in order to create chances for yourself.

The third skill to spend time and practice for is the ball control. Being able to maintain control of the ball and exploit shooting opportunities usually makes the difference between losing and winning the game. Side passes are one of the excellent chances you can take to switch the ball fast from the table flank to the center and have a potentially winning shot.

If you practice these 3 key skill areas, you’ll be beating your opponents in no time, and they will help you become a professional of the game.  It’s also much easier if you have a quality table that allows you execute these skills.  A good brand to keep an eye out for is tornado foosball tables.

Reasons to Play Foosball

Ever wondered why so many people lover foosball more than other table games? Here are some of the benefits of playing foosball.

1. Foosball is a multiplayer game

Table football is a game that a group can play. You can play it with a group of your friends and have some fun together. It is a great indoor game that can be played throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The game usually changes with each play, and you never know the outcome of the game, which is why it’s challenging and fun for every group that plays it. You can play it with your friends or family.

2. Foosball tables are affordable

Finding a table that fits into your game room, kids play area or garage is not expensive. Usually, foosball tables come in a variety of types and sizes which determines the price. So you can easily get a table that fits your budget.

3. It’s a great game for a family bonding

Foosball is a great game to bond with your family. Just place a table in your family room and make your boring evening exciting. You can share stories as you play the game and really have a good time. The best thing about table soccer is that anyone can play, so you can play with your children without a problem. You can also adjust the height of the table as you want to make it convenient for everybody.
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Top 4 Challenges the Marketers Face Today

Marketing a company’s product or service isn’t easy. The competition is fierce and the marketers have to think of unique ways of attracting customers. They face lots of challenges, too.

1.    Generating traffic

Many marketers struggle to create demand for their content. There are lots of platforms that people use today to view content and it’s a challenge to publish content on so many platforms. Promoting the content is a challenge too. Marketers should focus on creating high-quality content.

2.    Providing ROI

It is difficult to measure the ROI of marketing activities. But it is essential to get the output of your marketing activities. By knowing how your marketing activities are affecting ROI, you can increase or decrease your marketing budget.

You can also change your marketing plan accordingly. There is software available to track your marketing activities. You should use both marketing software and CRM solution to see how many customers you get through a specific marketing activity.

3.    Managing website

The website is a very important business marketing tool. The visitors get information from the website, learn about the product or service. A website can convert visitors to a customer. But the challenge is to include high-quality content and great design.

The marketers must focus on creating great design, at the same time they should not compromise on the loading time. The website also needs to be mobile-friendly.

4.    Differentiating

The market today is very saturated. People find it challenging to differentiate their product or service from that of the competitors. It is necessary to understand the customer demands, what alternatives they have, how they make buying decision, etc. to design your marketing strategy. You should always find a way to differentiate your brand.

Marketers must do industry research and find out what the competitors are doing. They should stay up-to-date with the market trend. By overcoming these challenges, the marketers will be able to increase their customer base.

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3 Ways you can Use Virtual Reality in Marketing your Brand

Virtual reality (VR) is something everyone is talking about now. It is expected that the virtual reality market will reach $30 billion by the year 2020. Though the technology needs more testing, many big companies have already incorporated virtual reality in their marketing plan. Here are some ways you can use virtual reality in marketing your brand.

1.    Make a product demonstration

You can use virtual reality for your product demonstration. You can create a 360 video about your product and show the product features in details. You can give the prospective customers an experience of using the product without actually buying it using virtual reality. This can be used in the home improvement business.

Suppose, a customer wants to buy a six-seated dining table for home. You can show the customers how it will look in their home using virtual reality. If you want to change the color of your room, you can see actually how the room will look before even painting it. So, customers will be able to make an informed decision about buying the product.

2.    Create a tour

The real estate industry is using virtual reality to create a tour for their prospective customers. This way the customers can actually see the rooms and other parts of the house as if they are actually inside the house.

3.    Historical trips to company background

Company websites contain information about the company background. This includes the story of how the company started. You can provide historical trips using virtual reality.

The prospective customers will be able to experience how it was like when you first started the company, your achievements, etc. This will make the customers get more connected to your brand.

The top brands like Ikea, Walmart and others are using virtual reality as part of their marketing campaign. It’s time for you to follow the trend as well.

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Top 4 Email Marketing Software for your Business

There are various channels available for reaching the target audience. In the past, it used to be through TV, radio, magazines, etc. But now, the online channel is gaining popularity. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching target customers.

It is very difficult to maintain huge email listings manually. So, different software is available for the job. Here are the top email marketing software available today.

Zoho Campaigns

It is a great software for the small and medium businesses. It can automate your whole marketing process. This software can be integrated with Zoho CRM to give you the right information. Using this software you can engage your customers with various social media campaigns as well.


Using this software you can easily track your email. It has a cloud-based infrastructure and the software is highly scalable. So, if your business grows, you won’t have to worry about dealing with your growing number of subscribers. The interface of this software is very user-friendly.


This software is an all-in-one package. It will not only help you send emails to your subscribers and track them but will also help you in converting your visitors. You can reach customers with personalized messages. You can also retain customers using this software. You can create a newsletter with this software also.


You can create a targeted subscriber list with this software. You can also develop newsletters, video emails, etc. You will find lots of email templates here. Statistical analysis tools are also available to give you an idea of how your email campaign is going on.

These email marketing software provide flexible options, so you can get your preferred deal at a reasonable price. You can easily maintain a huge database of email subscribers and divide them according to demographics. This software can help you get more revenue for your business.