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Who is the Wrestler Known as the Son of a Plumber?

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There is a wrestler who wrestled in the WWE before under the American Dream. He claims to be the son of a plumber which means he worked his butt off to become what he is, a professional wrestler. He has recently passed away though but he has two sons in Cody and Dustin Rhodes. Dustin Rhodes wrestled like Goldust, a gimmick that was highly popular in the mid-1990s.

He talks with a weird voice and breathes heavily before pronouncing his name. The character claims to be a Hollywood persona so he always gives quotes from Hollywood movies. It is an interesting gimmick, to say the least. Whoever came up with it is pretty creative. Goldust feuded with Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental title and the Golden one ended up with a couple of lengthy reigns.

He will be remembered as one of the best Intercontinental title holders of all time. It is never easy to become a wrestler as you have to train hard for it. You will audition for a chance to go to the pros but not everyone will get accepted. Cody Rhodes actually had a gimmick known as Stardust and that did not work out too well. He even had an alliance with the Basham brothers who became his henchmen.

He also spoke in a weird voice and it did not really suit Cody’s talents too well. Thankfully, he split from the WWE and found gold in other wrestling organizations. He is such a good professional wrestler that he should not be stuck in the mid-card scene. Since he is the son of a son of a plumber, he should never be taken lightly. Even if they have a plumber as their grandfather, they never mentioned him.

Dusty Rhodes wore a polka dot wrestling attire but it is not known if it was a tribute to his plumber Dad. It is most likely a way to show off how fun he is as there is too much competition on his hands. Unfortunately, Dusty never won any titles but he did wrestle future Hall of Famers such as Roddy Piper and Ric Flair.

Everyone knows wrestling is fake but you need to make it look real so people will go to the shows. There are some storylines being thrown together to make it more interesting. There are times when there are love triangles while there are times when there are kidnapping or even cult sacrifices. Dusty’s plumber father did not want him to be a wrestler.

After all, it is a dangerous profession as wrestlers would often leap from the top turnbuckle to do extensive damage to their opponents. There are times when the move would do more damage to the person performing it. Thus, you would need to practice this move perform actually doing it in front of a live audience. When you fail, they will definitely laugh at you and it will be shown on Botchamania.

A lot of people would rather become a plumber than a wrestler since it is a less dangerous job (you find some real plumbing heroes at loodgieters Rotterdam). However, there is no telling what will happen when you become a wrestler as you will gain worldwide recognition. In fact, The Rock started out as a wrestler before he became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. The same goes with John Cena even though the two of them feuded in the past and they both faced at Wrestlemania. The Rock let Cena defeat him since he is basically retired from wrestling.

You can’t really blame him since he earns a lot of money in Hollywood. He keeps on getting lots of movies offers that his agent’s phone keeps on ringing. There are times when the Rock says his wrestling catchphrases at his movies to remind everyone where it came from. Sometimes, those things actually get a good laugh out of people who don’t really watch wrestling. It would be hard to imagine The Rock using plumbing equipment as weapons during the times when he was a heel though. Back to Dusty Rhodes, he had some nice mic skills which is what gained him recognition in the first place. In fact, he would call out his opponent and they would have a nice promo.

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