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Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks for the Fall Season

During fall is the best time of preparing your home for the coming winter season. Different home maintenance tasks need to be done so that you will stay comfortably in this cold temperature season. Herein are some important home improvement tasks that will help put your house and the entire property in great shape to withstand this harsh weather condition;

Consider inspecting your roof for any damage

During fall is the right time an individual should check-up for any cases of damage that might occur at the roof, missing or even loose shingles. Moisture can accumulate where it’s not supposed to and thereafter freezing happens to cause serious damages to the roof of your building thereby creating openings that melting snow and rain can get through. You should thoroughly inspect your entire roof right from the ground using a pair of binoculars so that you get a better look, you can also get the help of an expert roofing contractor to help you handle your entire roof inspection task.

Repair Gutters

The winter and fall months comes along with a lot of wet weather and also during the spring you expects melting snow in most parts of the country. In case your gutters are in a poor state, then expect water to be damped right next to your structure foundation and it thereafter finds its way right to the basement.

Add weather stripping to the windows and doors 

The major causes of much heat loss in our homes during the winter season are the doors and windows. Considering adding such quality weather stripping to these two parts, i.e., the doors and windows will pay for itself in lowered monthly utility bills and your home will be such a comfortable place to be.

Seal your driveway

Both the asphalt and concrete driveways need to always have a good sealant coat on them before the winter season comes in. Similar thaw and freeze cycles that normally give rise to the spring potholes can cause damages to a driveway that is poorly sealed. All you should do is simply start by filling any available cracks and thereafter apply a quality sealant to ensure that all the driveways are sealed and its surface protected.

Seal and Stain the Deck

Water or moisture that penetrates the wood deck and thereafter freezing can cause a lot of damages than expected. You should ensure you protect all your property by ensuring your deck remains fully sealed before this season approaches.

Ensure that your heating system is cleaned

Dirt heat pump coils or the furnace will completely rob the efficiency of your heating system; this turns out to be much costly in heating your entire home during the winter season. This will also make the entire heating system to work extra harder if it is not kept clean as required. Contact a professional (Loodgietersbedrijf Utrecht), as needed.

Consider trimming your lawn trees

The tree branches that are normally laden with heavy ice and snow can lead to their breakage. They can fall right on your home, your garage and even on your vehicle. All you should consider before winter is trimming all the tree branches that are overhanging and also fully get rid of all the dead and large branches.

Consider washing your windows

Before the cold season hits ups, you should ensure that the windows are thoroughly cleaned so that you will have such a clear view outside all over this winter season. Dirty windows can reduce the natural right amount that gets through and in the winter season, having sufficient light getting into your home as much as possible is important at large.

Winterize lawn equipment

In case you own a lawnmower, chainsaw or the gas-powered leaf blower, a garden tractor and all other lawn equipment, you should ensure you winterize them simply by draining the entire gas tank or also adding something like a stabilizer to this lawn equipment. This will keep them safe up to the start of the spring climate.


You will have no worries in the coming winter season after you have considered completing all these fall home maintenance tasks. Your home will stand at the right shape to welcome the season in style and you will too have such a comfortable stay.